Zael Ortega is a Philosopher and Organizer of Sound. He is a graduate of the College of Philosophy, with a specialty in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, from the Autonomous University of Puebla (Mexico). However, since 2010 his work is specifically focused on investigation and creation of a «Situated Listening», as anthropological and sociological method, that serves as a basis for an «Ethics and Politics of Listening», understood as the need to build a critical thinking from sound creation, that contributes to make visible and recognize «other ways of Listening, Thinking and Creating». This is an investigation project started ten years ago and from where he bases precisely his whole idea of sound and radio creation understood as «Organization of Sound».

As creator of radio art he has received 4 awards from the International Radio Biennial (2004, 2008, 2010) and Radio UNAM (2007). Some of his electroacoustic and radio works have been presented in Germany, Austria, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Argentina, Cuba, and Mexico. Similarly, as a sound and radiophonic creator, he has been benefited, on two occasions, by the National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Mexico (2007 and 2009), and by the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Puebla (IMACP) with the project «Learning to Listen: Sound Creation on Indigenous Poets of Puebla» (2019).