Latin American network of studies on image and memory


ReLEIM is an association of academics and professionals interested in the study of the processes associated with image and memory in different sociocultural and historical contexts.

We are committed to the construction of knowledge and the need to share our work, methodologies, research and professional interests with colleagues from different regions around our great Latin America and beyond its borders.

The transdisciplinarity and the collective construction of knowledge, as well as the influence of a Latin American humanism, give us the pretext to accompany us on the beautiful path of the apprehension of the image and memory as phenomena of study.




The Latin American Network of Studies on Image and Memory (ReLEIM) was conceived within the framework of the 53 ICA (International Congress of Americanists, 2009). We began to work around the lines related to the study of image and memory, sharing methodologies and perspectives around our themes of interest.

The first events were only in Mexico until 2014, adding our themes and our profiles to the Network. This period was culminated with the Colloquium: Paths, Uses and Meanings of the Image and Memory in 2014. Derived from this, Trayectos, usos y significados de la imagen y la memoria (2016) was published.

With the consolidated group, we met in 2015 in the city of San Salvador under the framework of 55 ICA (2015) with the theme: "Memory, image and identity in America" drawing lines of affinity and thematic exchange increasingly clear. After our meeting in El Salvador we were able to expand the network of colleagues and research groups.

Along with our first collective editorial process, we founded the Permanent Seminar: Image and Memory for Social Research, which has been held every two months since January 2015 and has produced two more collective publications.

The ReLEIM met again on an international stage in 2016 within the framework of the International Discursive Territories Congress in Latin America, at CIESPAL - Quito, refining the operational guidelines of the Network as well as the agreements for collaboration between colleagues from different academic entities and different countries.

Another outstanding international event was the "Image and Memory in the Totonacapan" symposium within the framework of the 1st International Congress of Investigations on the Totonac World, in which we paid tribute to the first filmmaker in making audiovisual records in the pluriethnic region of the Sierra Norte de Puebla and the Totonacapan in the 1960s, Bruce "Pacho" Lane of the University of Rochester (USA) repeating the organization of the symposium mentioned in the second edition of the same International Congress in 2016.

We currently have active partners from various countries adding representatives of more than a dozen academic entities and associations linked to the themes of image and memory.

While there are some associations and groups of professionals dedicated to studies related to the image and its different meanings as well as others focused on various processes related to memory, the vast majority of these are of a disciplinary nature. In our case we have privileged transdisciplinarity and thematic complementarity with a rational eclecticism.

If you work on topics related to image and memory or work in any institution or group that develops these topics in terms of academic or professional, and you are interested in being part of the network, send us an email with your personal curriculum and / or your institution or group and we will get in touch. It is necessary to clearly expose the works developed around the image and memory.