Image, Memory, and Social Research

A research group of Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (México).


About us

We are a group of academics highly specialized in topics related to image and memory. We conduct research that involves photography, audiovisual media and sound as the main source and object of study, regarding different phenomena and social processes.




To contribute to the scientific knowledge of social sciences and humanities, developing our investigative processes based on photography, audiovisual media and sound to approach cultural heritage and the memory of sociocultural groups.


Specific objectives

  • To contribute to the construction of scientific knowledge regarding the different dimensions of image and memory in Latin American sociocultural groups.
  • To contribute, from the social science perspectives, to the UNESCO recommendations in regards to the “right to memory” as well as to the documentation, study and continuity of the Immaterial Cultural Heritage.
  • To study and register changes and continuities of the Immaterial Cultural Heritage in Latin America so as to identify and understand the communicative processes that make sociocultural reproduction possible.


Bajo los lineamientos de:

UNESCO - Memory of the World programme

IOHA - International Oral History Association

CEAS - Código de ética del CEAS