Research Interest


Line of Research and Generation of Knowledge:


Image and memory for social research

- Transdisciplinary research on social phenomena related to image and memory from photography, audiovisual and orality as the main source and object of research.


Areas of expertise:

Audiovisual media as social documents

- The study of social representations expressed in audiovisual narratives: fiction and documentaries.


Transdisciplinary studies of documentary film

- Investigation that revolves around aesthetic, narrative, enunciative and referential aspects of documentary film in Mexico and other Latin American contexts from a transdisciplinary perspective.


Photography and social research

- Social research based on photography as a source of primary information, addressing the phenomena of memory and the cultural reproduction.


Memory, orality and sociocultural processes

- Research on the memory and orality of diverse human groups, with emphasis on daily life and intercultural phenomena, for the understanding of sociocultural processes based on ethnography and oral history.